Hungry Life (deutsche Ausgabe)

Hungry Life (deutsche Ausgabe)
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Hungry Life  is an environmental education and awareness card game played between 2-5... mehr
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Hungry Life is an environmental education and awareness card game played between 2-5 players and for the whole family.

Each player starts with their own deck of 20 cards plus five in their hand. You start by placing a primary producer to create a new habitat. Each animal card will list what it can eat leading up to an apex predator. Each new habitat is connected as the game goes on, but with human projects such as roads and housing estates these habitats can become disconnected. Animals that could once be moved are now trapped. You must strategically place your animals, human projects and natural events to thwart your opponents. The game mechanics have been designed to practically demonstrate how humans are causing issues but also how we can help in a simple and family friendly game lasting 25 - 45min.

Each animal card will also feature data about that animal so you can learn things like their weight, population size/trend as well as where they fall on the endangered species list.
In the rules you'll also find a list of organisations that are working hard to protect our natural world.

The first player to place all their cards wins the game.

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