Galaxy Trucker 2nd Edition eng

Galaxy Trucker 2nd Edition eng
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The absolute blast of space games with sewage pipes!!! The once again intense, but still... mehr
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The absolute blast of space games with sewage pipes!!!

The once again intense, but still humor-filled journey with Galaxy Trucker goes into a new round. With a complete new graphical overhaul, redesigned illustrations - as well as game balance improvements, more ship tiles and prettier astronaut and alien tiles, you'll build spaceships to fly around the Galaxy, transporting goods and fighting pirates.

In this fast-paced and crazy family game, 2 to 4 players begin by simultaneously rummaging through the shared warehouse and feverishly trying to grab the most useful component tokens to build their spaceship - all in real time. Once the ships are launched, players find themselves in dangerous situations and scramble for financial opportunities - each hoping to get the most valuable cargo and arrive with their spacecraft as intact as possible. This is easier said than done, as many dangers ensure that parts of the ship, cargo and crew will be lost in the depths of space, not can! Players earn credits by delivering goods, defeating pirates, owning the best-looking ship and reaching their destination before the others. The goal of the game is to have the most credits at the end.

The following things are new:

  • The new ship boards show all 3 ships by simply turning and folding them out - nice.
  • The first game is easier to understand.
  • It is now reminiscent of the APP tutorial.
  • The aliens are introduced later in the campaign.
  • The hourglass is introduced later in the game.
  • The time pressure is virtually non-existent in the first game.
  • The tile connections have been changed to be more balanced.
  • The length of the flight paths has been changed so that they are shorter in the early scenarios.
  • The early meteorite impacts have been changed, now something can come from any direction at any time.
  • The so-called insurance against tile loss (parts of the ship's hull) has been removed.
  • Captains can now earn titles during the game that give bonuses.
  • Different titles can possibly be won by a successful captain at the same time.
  • The tiles are smaller, as is the box.
  • The graphics are fresher and more attractive.
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