Shaolia: Warring States

Shaolia: Warring States
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Shaolia  is a board game filled with deadly strategies, where you’ll grow your own... mehr
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Shaolia is a board game filled with deadly strategies, where you’ll grow your own kingdom with countless possibilities. Dice placement, card placement, resource management and engine building mechanics are combined to make a unique strategic experience. It is easy to learn, yet its deep and diverse possibilities will emerge as you play on. 

Build your very own kingdom with various building & character cards. Utilize creative tactics to take the lead with highly dynamic game play. Dive into the world of Shaolia through fantastic artwork and storylines. There are two ways to win in Shaolia. You can either deal 12 damage to your opponent’s palace and destroy it, or you can achieve 18 culture score. 

The game is played through multiple rounds. A round consists of 3 different phases. 

  • Purchase Phase: Purchase cards and resources.
  • Building Phase: Build the purchased cards on the territory board.
  • Action Phase:  Roll the dice and activate cards built on the territory board, using dice.
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