Safe and Sound Tasche

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Standard Bag is our product specially designed for transporting all kinds of Safe and Sound boxes.

Standard Bag allows to carry up to 4 full-size Safe and Sound boxes and gives you an option to exchange every two boxes for one XL box and three standard boxes for one Mega Box.

This way you can fit your bag to the army you collect and play. Whats more storing safely your models in our boxes you can easy prepare for playing any army configuration by just packing boxes containing appropriate miniatures.
From now preparing for a friendly battle or a tournament never was so fast!

Additional information about the bag:

  • internal dimensions: 280x420x370 cm.
  • made of the highest quality materials utilized in this type of product,
  • the bag has 5 short plastic legs on the base to protect your bag from getting dirty when placed on the floor or ground,
  • a comfortable, adjustable shoulder strap and two pockets on it sides for gaming materials and accessories.


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